Website Design

Website Design

We not only improve the visibility of your websites to be at the top of the Search Engine results, but we specialise in creating masterful websites where these winning strategies are woven into the design from the very beginning of its creation.

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Web Design Harmony

By now you probably have a good feeling for the importance of SEO, and how a website is more than just the ‘stuff you see’.

When creating a website you need to create a harmonious balance between the aesthetic beauty and the behind the scenes elements such as your keywords, link profile and technical infrastructure.

All of these elements are part of your initial foundation, it is best when you can start creating your website with all these considerations working together from the very start. While we specialise in making the changes necessary after your page has been created, surely the benefit is clear to having the best possible start for your website.

We strive to create web designs from the ground up that are intelligent and sophisticated while being attractive not only to your potential viewers, but to Search Engine crawl and index programs.

Our best proof? Well, you found our website. And trust us, the colour scheme was one of the last components we thought of; all of the behind the scenes magic is where we started.

So what is Important?

The Design is the first thing most clients want to tell us about when it comes to new websites. However, we tell them that the design is the last step to look at. Our clients often look a bit surprised and confused by this until we put it in perspective with what we do as a company.

While the design is important, it should only come after a proper foundation has been created. This is a common mistake where people will rush into ‘how they want it to look’ without considering the big picture. After all, the first step to building a house is laying the foundation; you can’t start putting up pictures until there is a wall to hang them on.

At the end of the day, if your website can’t be found by your potential customers or readers then the look and feel of the page makes no difference.

Our Approach

The approach we take at Internet Marketing Experts is to create a comprehensive strategy before any work is physically created on a new or updated website. To achieve this we:

  • Work with you to determine your key goals for your site
  • Utilise site components that satisfy your goals
  • Plan and develop strategies to increase traffic for your website
  • Document a brief and proposal for your website design and development
  • Identify the expectations and general intentions of potential visitors.
  • Create a Revenue Growth Tactic (RGT)
  • Clarify your own objectives so we can work toward to the same goals as you

Once we satisfy these areas then we will start physically designing and developing your website to fit all of these characteristics we have identified that you both want and need to achieve your goals.

It’s a winning strategy

Because of our approach, your Return on Investment (ROI) is always considered from the very start.

We aim to not only generate websites with a fantastic ‘look and feel’ so people explore and engage with your website, but we make sure that the door is open for them to actually discover what you have to offer. This optimum balance is what we strive for, and what our customers love about our service. Quite often it is about showing you the potential that you didn’t even know existed, this will then be converted into the highest potential for online visits, and this will convert into revenue and maximum ROI.


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