Golden Key 1 – Content

Web Writing is a distinctive task

Written content for a website is unique. While an article in a magazine or on the TV has to battle to appeal to an audience both with words and visually, a website needs to go one step further and appeal to a Search Engine. And Search Engines don’t care for pictures, or flashy effects. Nor do they worry about proper grammar, metaphors or other elegant ways to express your message. If a website doesn’t use keywords, a Search Engine won’t be engaged. But neither can you create a whole page that reads as linking keywords. You need to try and engage a delicate balance between what is logical and engaging to a reader, and what is logical to the Search Engine.

For example, it would make absolutely no sense to have this website’s content stuffed full of terms just as SEO company Albury, online marketing company Albury, digital agency Albury, online marketing Alburyand AdWords management company Albury. The aim is to balance these keywords naturally through the content so that it remains engaging, logical and readable.

This is the Key to SEO Copywriting.

3 Second Rule

On average, a person will decide whether your webpage interests them in the first 3 seconds. To attract them to stay for longer than this, you will need to have a compelling headline, content and imagery to draw them in.

There are key techniques that we implement that are tried and tested to best draw someone’s attention to the content of a page, and to engage further. Commonly known as “eye stoppers” or “pause points” the intention is obvious, that you want the reader to stop and think about the content and stop thinking about pressing the “back button” to leave.

Meaningful connections

So, now that you have the keywords to lure the Search Engines, and the Eye stoppers to catch a customer’s attention, you need to push them further into your site. There’s no benefit to having a visitor to your site if they don’t engage with the services you are providing.

For the most part, if SEO is done properly you should be having your Keyword profile focusing on a variety of ‘Money Keywords’ so you can draw in the sort of customer that intends to engage with you further, but most of the time you won’t be that lucky. This means you have to have a site that encourages interest, debate, exploration and intrigue in what you have to say and offer.

Tell the people why they should engage with you and your brand, what makes you special, and why you deserve their business. You don’t need content that will win a Pulitzer (although it couldn’t hurt) but all you really need to do is present more than just the facts, and justify why they should engage with you and feel good about doing so.

Think Beyond the Homepage

It is an interesting idea, but the majority of the time, a well-optimised website will have its predominate traffic enter the site through a secondary page, rather than the home page. This is because it is about more than just one page, but the site as a whole. Each has the potential to have its own attractions and keywords to bring in more visitors and increase your visibility to interested parties.

We provide this service to try and create an overall strategy for your websites content, but also allow each page to develop to its greatest potential to allow for subcategories and themes. A search engine will utilise its ability to detect overall themes through the language used, and when you broaden the potential, you are likely to be able to fall under 5 or 6 areas, rather than just the 1 theme of your home page.

Our Copywriting Services

Similarly to how any of our SEO services begin with an audit, our copywriting begins with discussing your intentions and how our skills and knowledge can best bring this to life. From this we create a Client Content Report which will formulate a strategy for how best to incorporate all of our visions into a joint masterpiece.

Once thorough research has been conducted, so that we are confident we understand what currently exists in your market, only then will we start writing and creating the physical content for you. The process includes a review after a few pages to confirm that you are satisfied with the progress.

SEO fits logically

Once the content is streamlined with your SEO aims, it all flows happily. The SEO considerations allow for keywords and linking profiles to optimise your visibility to a Search Engine and your content engages with your visitors. By engaging with a SEO company for content considerations you can make sure you have an optimal balance of both worlds, and appeal to buyers and search Engines.

SEO WordSmith Plans

The written content of any site is always a subjective task, it depends upon many factors – the content needed, the market to be aimed at, the sheer quantity of what needs to be produced and more – and as such we have SEO WordSmith Plans. These plans are inclusive and flexible depending upon the circumstances of the project, and are developed to provide you with the best possible Return On Investment (ROI) for the content you need created.

The whole process is run by our Web Copywriter Team, each a professional in their own fields ranging from qualified journalists to online feature writers. They are all carefully selected for each project based upon their specific skill sets and ability to apply language to effect an optimal result.

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