Golden Key 3 – Social Media

Why a social media plan?

social mideaBy now we are all very familiar with the Social Media experience, Facebook Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+… these social networks are a growing area where you can further your own website and business needs while getting direct feedback from the public. You need an appreciation for this area as this expanding media field is full of prime marketing opportunities, and having a Social Media Plan managed by experts in SEO and online visibility will have you set above the rest.

(And if none of these Social Media names seems familiar, then this plan is even more essential for you)

What does the Social Media Package include?

You will be assigned a specialised Business Analyst who will consider your changing wants and needs regarding social media and implement the changes prescribed and fix the problems identified. For every month of the plan, a report will be created listing the potential that our services have to offer you. This plan will include:

  • Social Media Calendar – Content for your social media resources planned out per month.
  • Creation of new content per calendar schedule and plan.
  • Optimised upload of content plan.
  • Comment gatekeeping service – we monitor your social media presence and refer any issues to you as required based on validity and importance.
  • There are often also extra opportunities that may be available depending on your Social Media intentions and calendar, these could include.
    • Partnerships with other sites and joint sharing and promotion.
    • Specific content creation of public holidays.
    • Exclusive promotion for milestone events and celebrations.
  • We also seek to customise this experience per your needs, so if you have any specific Social Media campaign plans or hopes then we can discuss this to best devise our strategy.

As per our standard business model for any plan, a report is generated for your specific needs every month. For a Social Media plan, this tracks the specific performance of your site in these areas, and covers areas such as your tracked changes in Like, Shares, and +1’s as well as tracking any correlation between social media interactions and increase in traffic on your website.

What platforms are included?

Our primary focus for the Social Media plan is:

  • Facebook
  • Google +

And for additional fees we can add specialised content into our plans to accommodate for your needs and desires in:

  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

With YouTube the 2nd most frequently searched site, the additional focus often has a substantial ROI (Return on Investment). Don’t hesitate to discuss your needs and desires with us to best optimise your Social Media plans.

None of our plans involve lock in contracts and are all on a month-to-month basis. This means that if you love the result you are seeing, you can simply extend for the upcoming extra month and continue to reap the benefits of having your Social Media Campaign managed by the experts.

So I’m interested, what’s next?

If you want to proceed with one of our plans, request a quote contact us today. From here you will receive a straight forward agreement containing all our tasks and services for your project all ready for you to sign and give us the green light to start delivering results.

We will take into account your personal project schedule and plans, but normally a new project will be ready to start within 10 business days of your approval.

Still unsure?

To find out more about our plans, and the variety of options available to you, check out our services available.


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