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Not all keywords will get the same type of results. Just because you have good traffic volume doesn’t mean that your revenue will increase. Sometimes an SEO company Albury service will focus just on sheer numbers, but we know that your Return on Investment is important and so we don’t want just traffic, but we want traffic that brings real buyers, real conversions.

To maximise your ROI we not only utilise the best type of keywords, but hone them to your specific needs. There are two main categories of keywords in the world of SEO…

  • Ego Keywords that attract a lot of browsers due to an increase in basic visibility
  • Money Keywords that attract real buyers and people who will actively engage with your site
keyword research

What is best for my website?

While at first glance it would be the ideal to have your site optimised for your broader ‘ego keywords’ to attract numbers, having people who engage with your site and make purchases is what we all really want.

For the most part a broad keyword will attract people who are browsing or possibly interested in a general inquiry. But your ‘money keywords’ are more specific and will be found by the people who know what they want; and by finding your site, they will know where they want to get it from.

This is our focus; to not just increase your numbers and claim it to be a job done, but rather provide you with the quality visitor to your site through profitable visibility that maximises your Revenue Per Online Visit (RevPOV).

This plan focuses the serious visitor on your page through specific reception pages and funnels them to exactly where they want to be through predictive ‘click mapping’ that directs them subtly towards online enquiries and, ultimately, online purchases and profitable interactions with your website.

Examples would include:

  • ‘Tablet’ vs ‘Buy new Surface 3 Apple Tablet’
  • ‘Ladies Fashion’ vs ‘Ladies Spring fashion green’
  • ‘Albury Hotel’ vs ‘Albury weekend getaway hotel package’

So how do these differ? If you take for example a search Florists -an ego keyword would be ‘Albury Florists’. By having this keyword cluster associated to your website you will increase traffic.

But a money keyword would be ‘Albury Florists Sunday Delivery Roses’. This cluster would deliver a more specialised searcher to your website who knows exactly what they want. Because they are after this extra specialisation, they are more likely to purchase.  By specialising you narrow your search but increase the chance of sales and legitimate interest.

How do we identify these Keywords?

We are at the forefront of Keyword research by combining technical assets with our experience and knowledge.

Tools such as Word tracker and Keyword Discovery as well as Search Engine Keyword tools allow us to get the best possible start to knowing the best broad keywords for your industry. These are then further focused through focus groups and brainstorming to apply the ‘human element’ to ideally predict possible keyword searches that may be made.

From these results we look further in depth through the top 30 results and discover what keyword extensions might be applied in order to make these broad keywords into money keywords.

By the end of the process we produce for you a comprehensive and specialised Keyword Library containing often anywhere from 50 to 5000 terms depending on the needs of your project.


Because the money keywords can sometimes be very specific, you need to select the best possible results to capture the key elements of your market. It would be pointless to apply tens of thousands of redundant specialised keywords to your site ‘on the off chance’ that someone types that combination. No, we find the best, most accurate, and greatest Return on Investment results for you.

What your sight really needs at the end of the day is for a balance between the broad Ego Keywords, and the more specialised Money Keywords. This will increase your visibility across the market and have you be more competitive for your customers whether they are browsing, or more dedicated to a purchase.

Often it comes down to 10-20 of the best keyword clusters that will create this balance and increase your visibility into a profitable response that will maximise your Return on Investment and help create the best possible platform for your organic SEO and the framework for other elements such as a Pay Per Click campaign.


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